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Daniel Asia Nominated to the National Council on the Arts


President Trump announced December 10th his intent to nominate prominent classical composer, professor of music, Daniel Asia, to be a Member of the National Council on the Arts.

Social Justice Education in America

David Randall

On December 6th at a launch event co-hosted with the James G. Martin Center, the National Association of Scholars (NAS) released Social Justice Education in America, a report analyzing the influence of social justice advocates at 60 colleges and universities nationwide.

Peter Wood Receives Jeane Kirkpatrick Prize for Academic Freedom


The Overton Window should be at its widest in the academy but rarely is that the case. In his acceptance speech, Peter wrestles with how to widen that window.

Scholars Disappointed by Decision Upholding Harvard Discrimination


The United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts upholds racial discrimination in admissions by Harvard University. 

NAS Supports Intellectual Diversity Bill with Recommendations


The NAS supports a new bill to protect intellectual freedom in South Dakota, with recommendations. 

First Annual Oregon Campus Freedom Awards


The National Association of Scholars congratulates Oregon Campus Freedom Award recipients Blake Horner and Phillip Arola.