Peter Wood Receives Jeane Kirkpatrick Prize for Academic Freedom


The Overton Window should be at its widest in the academy but rarely is that the case. In his acceptance speech, Peter wrestles with how to widen that window.

NAS Supports Intellectual Diversity Bill with Recommendations


The NAS supports a new bill to protect intellectual freedom in South Dakota, with recommendations. 

First Annual Oregon Campus Freedom Awards


The National Association of Scholars congratulates Oregon Campus Freedom Award recipients Blake Horner and Phillip Arola.

NAS Supports a Besieged Academic


PRESS RELEASE: NAS circulates an open letter asking the University of Chicago and the Medieval Academy to vindicate Professor Rachel Fulton Brown.

OAS Launches Campus Freedom Awards for Oregon College Students

Oregon Association of Scholars

PRESS RELEASE: In response to declining intellectual freedom and diversity at Oregon college campuses, the OAS is creating the Oregon Campus Freedom Awards.

NAS Re-publishes "The Case for Colonialism"


PRESS RELEASE: The National Association of Scholars re-publishes the most controversial article of the last year, "The Case for Colonialism," by Portland State University professor Bruce Gilley. 

NAS Statement on the Michigan Campus Free Speech Act


PRESS RELEASE: NAS endorses the efforts of the Michigan Legislature to preserve free speech on college campuses. 

Presidential Searches


PRESS RELEASE: Commitment to "Intellectual Diversity" top choice for new college presidents, says NAS.