Scholars File Amicus Brief in Supreme Court in Manning v. Jones


Seeking the right to be free of employment discrimination for expressing differing points of view.

Legislation, Not Litigation, Can Repeal Racial Preferences, Says NAS


PRESS RELEASE: The NAS affirms it will continue fighting racial discrimination in higher education.

Scholars Ask Supreme Court to Revisit Fisher and Rationales for Racial Preferences


The NAS joined a petition to the Supreme Court to re-hear Fisher v. University of Texas, the case that challenges racial preferences in public university admissions.

Scholars Applaud Supreme Court for Upholding Michigan Racial Preferences Ban


PRESS RELEASE: NAS praises the Court's decision to sustain a measure against racial discrimination in college admissions. 

NAS Commends Supreme Court for Taking Fisher Case on Racial Preferences

PRESS RELEASE: The Supreme Court agrees to hear what may become a landmark case on the diversity rationale for racial preferences in college admissions.