A Champion of Free Inquiry and Intellectual Diversity Runs for the Yale Corporation


Law professor Nicholas Rosenkranz is mounting a petition campaign for the Yale Corporation. Nominated by Yale Alumni for Excellence, whose motto is “unfettered inquiry, intellectual diversity, academic excellence,” Rosenkranz needs 4,266 Yale alumni signatures by October 1 to qualify for the ballot. Yale alumni may sign here to support Rosenkranz’s campaign.

Rosenkranz is a Professor of Law at Georgetown, specializing in constitutional law, federal jurisdiction, foreign affairs law, and statutory interpretation. He is a co-founder of Heterodox Academy and serves on the boards of both the Federalist Society and Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He is also a senior fellow in Constitutional Studies at the Cato Institute. In 2001, he clerked for Justice Anthony M. Kennedy at the U.S. Supreme Court (October Term 2001). He graduated from Yale College in 1992 and from Yale Law School in 1999.

Yale Alumni for Excellence, which nominated Rosenkranz for the Yale Corporation, has issued a statement on the policy concerns it hopes Rosenkranz will be able to address on the Yale Corporation. NAS members are likely to find much they agree with.

The group notes that Yale “seems increasingly hostile to freedom of speech, to unfettered inquiry, and to heterodox opinions,” and calls for Yale to live up to its own Woodward Report.

It expresses concern with bureaucratic bloat, calling Yale the “undisputed Ivy League heavyweight champion of bureaucracy.” It notes that “from 1995-96 to 2016-17, Yale's managerial and professional staff increased by 77.25%, compared to a 10.44% increase in service and maintenance staff.”

And it notes that tuition, now at $72,100 per year, has doubled in less than twenty years and far outpaces inflation.

We encourage Yale alumni to sign their names to support Nicholas Rosenkranz’s petition to appear on the ballot for the Yale Corporation.

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