Affirmative Action: Absurdity and Beyond

Glenn Ricketts

You keep wondering – and hoping -if we’ve finally reached the outer limits of idiocy and self-deception in the academy’s affirmative action fixation. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet. 

This recent piece over at NRO by NAS’s Carol Iannone surveys the ever-expanding perimeters of affirmative absurdity, as college admissions offices relentlessly probe the shades of pigmentation or proportion of your blood lineage that might qualify you as a member of an underrepresented minority group and thus contribute to their school’s efforts at “diversification.” 

Some unwitting and ringing reinforcement of Carol's description of the unending inanity  comes from this anonymous piece at IHE (doesn’t that speak volumes about the state of things?) by one of those doggedly recruited “diversity” hires.  Wouldn’t it be nice, he asks, if he could simply be known for his academic competence and accomplishments, rather than his skin color? 

It sure would.

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