Christina Hoff Sommers to Debate on Pay Gap


Christina Hoff Sommers, an author, former professor, curent scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, and NAS advisory board member, will participate in a debate on the pay gap on Equal Pay Day.

Sommers will debate Myra Strober and Deborah Rhode, both professors at Stanford University. The Stanford Review, Stanford in Government and Stanford Women in Business will host the debate. To RSVP, visit the Facebook event page

When:  Tuesday, April 12, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
584 Capistrano Way, Stanford, CA 94305 (the Bechtel International Center at Stanford)

Topic: The Pay Gap: Myths and Realities
Speakers: Christina Hoff Sommers, Myra Strober and Deborah Rhode

Sommers is an ardent critic of modern feminism and hosts a blog, The Factual Feminist, on various topics related to feminist issues. Her most recent post is on intersectional feminism, the philosophy behind students' focus on microaggressions, trigger warnings and privilege, which she traces back to the 1960s-70s. "Ironically members of the insider victim class now do to others what they accuse the privileged class of doing to them: they stereotype, demonize, shame, and silence people," says Sommers in the video.

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