Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our weekly review of selected student columnists and opinion writers. As they kick off the Fall semester, student columnists in this edition measure some presidential candidates, elaborate the vocation of college journalists, debate the institutional dynamics of Dartmouth College and suggest the right way to spend your summer vacation.

  1. An opinion writer for the Indiana Daily Student is tired of the debt crisis being attributed solely to the GOP, and asks that President Obama and Senate Democrats stop the name-calling.
  2. As a new academic year begins, a recent U of Maryland graduate advises current undergraduates to have fun, but also to remember what a privilege it is to possess a college degree.
  3. Although he eagerly voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and still supports him, an op ed writer for the Yale Daily News wishes that the President would stop waffling on environmental policy.
  4. In this week’s Berkeley Daily Californian, a regular reporter describes the goals and mission of a collegiate journalist.
  5. How should college students spend their summer breaks? A writer for the UCLA Daily Bruin suggests that they should take life easy.
  6. Children are abused in many ways, but have a look at the indoctrination going on at this Tea Party summer camp, says the editorial page editor for the Emory Wheel.   And you thought you’d heard it all?
  7. Although she’d like to see a woman run for president, a political analyst for the Daily Nebraskan isn’t thrilled by Rep. Michelle Bachman’s GOP candidacy.
  8. Is Dartmouth College a finishing school for aspiring corporate fat cats or an intellectual oasis for serious reflection? Two students square off on the question here and here in The Dartmouth.
  9. For the editors of the Daily Texan, their state’s governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry has some strange ideas on religion and science.  The comments thread indicates that the issue is politically radioactive, at least in Texas.
  10. Although it enjoys support on campus, a staffer for the Temple News observes that same-sex marriage is going nowhere overall in Pennsylvania.
  11. As observance of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks approaches, a columnist for the Duke Chronicle provides a different perspective on the days’ events and their aftermath.
  12. Sexual assault is pervasive, both in society at large and on the OU campus, says a writer for The Daily, and we need to face up to that reality.
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