Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

 We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors.  This time around, they examine facets of sex education, a controversial immigration bill in Arizona, the value of school spirit and the limits of free expression under the First Amendment. 

  1. Temperance at Berkeley: a news item from the Daily Californian describes a new campus campaign against hitting the bottle.
  2. Meanwhile, the Bowdoin Orient reports that BC’s carnivorous undergraduates are steaming about being de-fanged on Mondays.
  3. At Yale, a blogger assesses the performance of Academy Awards emcee James Franco as a facet of contemporary culture.
  4. A columnist for USC’s Daily Trojan sees great things happening if the United Nations can induce Hollywood to make more films centered thematically on global warming and sustainability.
  5. At the same time, a colleague writing in CSU’s Rocky Mountain Collegian is really vexed by the GOP House majority’s new plastic policies at the congressional cafeteria.
  6. The independent and ornery Northwestern Chronicle reports on the pedagogical techniques employed in one NWU prof’s human sexuality course.
  7. At the same time, a writer for the Iowa State Daily thinks that recurring sexual assaults will be curbed only if we change the way we teach men about male-female sexuality.
  8. Although the Arizona legislature’s SB 1611 “immigration omnibus” bill has been criticized as extreme, an op ed writer for the NAU News argues that it’s exactly what’s needed.
  9. After attending her first collegiate basketball game, a freshman columnist describes being buoyed by old-fashioned school spirit.
  10. At the University of Florida, Gainesville, a staffer for the Independent Alligator thinks that proposals to remove federal funding for Planned Parenthood are perfectly justified. The heated comments thread indicates that his readers don’t see it that way at all.
  11. The US Supreme Court blew it big time in upholding the right of Westboro Baptist church members to protest at military funerals, says an editorialist at SIU’s Daily Egyptian. Surely, she argues, the First Amendment doesn’t cover such vile expressions of hate.
  12. A senior staffer for The Dartmouth thinks that his school’s rate of grade inflation has gone into orbit. Let’s face it, he argues, if so many students are receiving so many A’s, it can only signify “average.”


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