Common Core: Yea or Nay?


“The Core was never a good idea; it was a sneaky idea.” – This is the case presented by NAS president Peter Wood in his newest book Common Core: Yea or Nay?, co-authored by Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Sol Stern.

On September 23rd, Encounter Books released the double-sided book that features Sol Stern’s case for the Common Core on one side and Peter Wood’s argument against the Core on the other side. While Stern makes the case that the Common Core should be seen as an opening to restore a rigorous curriculum to America’s schools, Wood explains that the Common Core lowers standards while pretending to raise them.

Other issues addressed by Wood include:

  • Increased doubt among former supporters of the Common Core
  • How the federal government sneakily introduced the Core as a state project while implementing it as a federal project
  • How classics works of literature like Huckleberry Finn are now replaced by “informational texts"

The book is available at


Encounter Books:

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