FIRE President Details Chilling New Federal Campus Speech Codes

Glenn Ricketts

Here’s FIRE president Greg Lukianoff  giving you the grim news about the new federal speech “guidelines” in yesterday’s WSJ. 

As we said here last week, never, absolutely never think that things can’t get any worse.  The new policy is actually very tidy, since as Greg describes it, the list of utterances that don’t make you liable to prosecution is very short. 

All of this, moreover, has simply been imposed as a fait accompli – no consultation with faculty members, administrators, no opinions solicited from constitutional lawyers or, come to think of it, from students who have been treated pretty roughly under existing codes.  But something tells me that the feds aren’t especially interested. 

If you’re looking for a job, I’d watch the postings for  “campus climate administration.”   Under the new federal standards,  they'll be needing loads of extra staffers, especially those willing to work overtime.   

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