How Dense are AAUW Members?

George Leef

The American Association of University Women Action Network is pushing for passage of an idiotic bit of federal meddling in the labor market, the Paycheck Fairness Act.

We're told that this is "a man's issue, too" because some men might benefit if his spouse or significant other received a mandatory pay increase. So paying women more is good for everyone! Naturally, there is no consideration whatsoever of the unseen costs and unintended consequences that would have a deleterious impact on women and men. Evidently, AAUW members are expected to check their thinking caps at the door and just go along with their leadership.

Also delightfully absurd is the admonition to "give Dad the gift of AAUW membership for Father's Day" because "it literally pays dividends." No, it doesn't pay dividends at all. Not literally. Not even figuratively.

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