#PCSubtitle: Edgar Allan Poe


Submissions for this contest are now closed. See the winner and runners-up here, or see the full list of all #PCSubtitle winners here.

See last week’s winning #PCSubtitle for Ernest Hemingway’s books.

What microaggressions does your tell-tale heart evince? What dark secrets in history are bricked up in basements, where justice reaches them nevermore?

This week’s assignment is any story, poem, play, or novel by Edgar Allan Poe. What politically correct subtitle can you add to his works?

Share your submissions on Twitter with the hashtag #PCSubtitle and the NAS Twitter handle @NASorg. You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this post. 

Updated October 31: Edgar Allan Poe #PCSubtitle Winners

First place:

The Black Cat: A Framework for Evaluating the Intersectionality of Racism and Speciesism, submitted by Stephanie Keaveney


The Imp of the Perverse: How I Loaded Up on Government Loans to Finance my Education, submitted by Michael R. Cook

The Pit and the Pendulum: Proposed Punishments for Free Speech Advocates, submitted by Stephen Wade


Image: "1848 'Ultima Thule' daguerreotype of Poe" by Edwin H. Manchester // CC BY

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