#PCSubtitle: Ernest Hemingway


Submissions for this contest are now closed. See the list of winners at the bottom of this post. See the next contest, on Edgar Allan Poe, here

See last week’s winning #PCSubtitles for Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s books here.

This week’s assignment is any book by Ernest Hemingway. What politically correct subtitle would you add to A Farewell to Arms or The Old Man and the Sea? NAS director of communications David Randall suggests The Sun Also Rises: What About the Daughters?

Share your submissions on Twitter with the hashtag #PCSubtitle and the NAS Twitter handle @NASorg. You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this post. 

Updated October 24: Ernest Hemingway #PCSubtitles Winner

This week's winner is Steven Hutchens, who suggested

A Farewell to Arms: Let's Get Some Muscle Over Here!


The Sun Also Rises: Climate Change and You, submitted by Christopher C. Hull

The Old Man and the C-Section: Exploding Gender and Parenting Stereotypes, submitted by Michael R. Cook

We also want to recognize Geraldine Hawkins, who submitted four excellent #PCSubtitles. We selected two to share with you:

A Farewell to Arms: Nothing is Worth Dying For

Death in the Afternoon: Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Book


Image: Ernest Hemingway, public domain. 

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