Radio Broadcast on Sustainability

Ashley Thorne

Cross-posted from Yesterday I spoke in an online radio interview on the American Freedom Alliance’s broadcast, the Western Word. The program was on “The Green Movement and Its Discontents,” with myself, Holly Swanson of Operation Green Out! and author of Set Up and Sold Out: Find Out What Green Really Means, and Michael Shaw, president of Freedom Advocates. We three—with the addition of Steve Milloy, author of Green Hell and founder of, and Claudia Rosett, journalist-in-residence at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies—will speak this Sunday in Los Angeles at a seminar on the sustainability movement. The radio program is an hour in length. To listen or download the broadcast (download if you’d like the capability to skip through), click here. My main segment is from 26:18-33:30, with additional subsequent comments. I speak about how the sustainability movement is on the rise in higher education, beginning with organizations such as Second Nature and evident in the curricula of institutions such as Florida Gulf Coast University.

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