Readers Answer "Why Did You Choose Your College?"

Ashley Thorne

Last week we started a new "Question of the Week" series. Our first question was Why did you choose the college you attended/attend? Readers answered via email, Twitter, and website comments: John D. Beatty: I chose American Military University because of its accessibility, cost and flexibility. Cashew14: I chose The King’s College because I got a good scholarship & really liked the college's vision & the people I met. Also fell in love w/ NYC. Josephmcbee: I was told by my employer that I needed a degree or I would lose my job. I chose a program I could complete part time in two years or less. DLeiv: because it was challenging academically, in line w my aspirations & in NYC, where I could really apply what I was to be taught. K. Tyson: It was close. Roger W. Barnett: NROTC scholarship at Ivy League school (Brown).  (In the era "BC" --Before the Craziness) Juliemrobison: I picked Hillsdale because they accept no federal funds, the American Studies program, small, and they teach how to think, not what This week's question is How Many Colleges Should Students Apply To?



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