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The New Campus Anti-Americanism


NAS President Peter Wood writes at Minding the Campus about what he calls Renascent Anti-Americanism, and shares reasons why Americans should have hope that this new form of anti-Americanism will not persist.

VIDEO: The Anti-American Bias of American Higher Education

Peter Wood

NAS President Peter Wood discusses the anti-American bias in Higher Education. 

A Famous Victory


NAS Director of Communications David Randall criticizes the AP European History exam at The Claremont Review of Books.

Jihadi Art at John Jay

Peter Wood

Peter Wood reviews an exhibit of art at John Jay College by Guantanamo prisoners.

Freedom House Has a Beam in its Eye

Carol Iannone

Freedom House thinks America is getting less free--for all the wrong reasons.

How Campus Ethnic Groups Drive Political Conformity: An Interview with Brittney Morrett

Ashley Thorne

A recent college graduate reflects on a Latino fraternity's decision to officially denounce laws restricting illegal immigration.

Ethnic Studies Teachers Sue to Reinstate La Raza Programs

Ashley Thorne

Arizona banned La Raza studies courses from its schools earlier this year, but eleven ethnic studies teachers are fighting to bring the radical programs back.