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A Ceiling on Asian Student Enrollment at MIT and Harvard?

Ashley Thorne

A new study, Too Many Asian Americans, provides evidence for racial discrimination in college admissions. 

Mobbing For Preferences

Peter Wood

Peter Wood discusses students' live-action defense of racial preferences at UW Madison.

Amicus Brief in Support of Rehearing Michigan Civil Rights Case

After receiving this amicus brief from NAS and civil rights organizations, the 6th circuit court of appeals has agreed to rehear a case that will determine whether the state of Michigan will ban racial preferences. Court has agreed to do so.

Study Finds Racial Discrimination in Admissions at Two Universities

Ashley Thorne

A report conducted by NAS member Althea Nagai shows major bias against white applicants to Ohio State University and Miami University.

Weighing the Evidence: New Studies on Racial Preferences at Three Universities

Glenn Ricketts

NAS affiliates helped the Center for Equal Opportunity document discrimination in law school admissions.