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The Chronicle Reports And Reflects “Diversity,” 2014

John Rosenberg

Efforts to promote diversity often result in the ubiquitous labeling of the diverse as deficient.

Was Teresa Sullivan an Affirmative Action Hire?

John Rosenberg

John Rosenberg considers whether the UVa president's efforts for campus "diversity" have played a role in advancing her career.

The Mind of a Pioneering Diversity Officer

John Rosenberg

One diversity guru illustrates the semantic leaps necessary for creating campus diversity bureaucracy.

A Racially Restrictive Pipeline?

John Rosenberg

Displaying “grit and academic improvement” is not limited to minorities.

More "Food For Thought" From Sociology (If Youre On A Starvation Diet)

John Rosenberg

Race relations among students are better outside the classroom, where political correctness keeps them from speaking honestly.

Leave It to the Sociologists...

John Rosenberg

This year's meeting of the American Sociological Association includes a paper about minorities' (rational) choices to apply to selective colleges.