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Disinviting Scholarship


The U.S. Army War College disinvited scholar Raymond Ibrahim as deference to CAIR. This sets a dangerous precedent that threatens American interests and endangers the lives of American soldiers.

Another Incoherent Protest This Time by Law Students

Peter Wood

At Minding the Campus, NAS President Peter Wood writes about the lack of consequences that protesters face after disrupting campus speakers.

Virginia Tech Relents and Re-Invites Jason Riley to Speak on Campus

Peter Wood

Virginia Tech felt the pressure and re-invited Jason Riley to the podium.

An Open Letter to Virginia Tech's Dean Sumichrast

Peter Wood

NAS president Peter Wood calls on Virginia Tech to acknowledge and uphold its invitation to Jason Riley. 

Jason Riley's Invitation and Disinvitation Emails


NAS publishes the original notes Jason Riley received inviting him, and then disinviting him, from speaking at Virginia Tech.