Think You've Got It Tough? Not As Bad As Female Academics

Glenn Ricketts

At least that's what you'd think if you didn't read anything besides the Chronicle of Higher Education or its online counterpart, Inside Higher Education.

I've long lost count of the articles both of them regularly run about female college and university faculty members, who gripe endlessly about job circumstances lots of other folks would envy. The latest complaint report appeared last week in IHE with the familiar script: yes women have come a long way, but my employers don't realize that I still do lots more housework than my husband, there's a gender imbalance in the engineering school and no one seems to care, I was on a committee and was shocked to find that women were underrepresented, etc., etc., etc. As often as this stuff gets served up, it's presented each time as though we were getting something new and astonishing.

Try the article though, for the comments thread: one female poster actually presents some refreshingly un-PC comments, amid the usual affected outrage and sneering responses.

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