Wall Street Journal Quotes the NAS's Sustainability Report


On April 3, the Wall Street Journal quoted the NAS's report “Sustainability: Higher Education’s New Fundamentalism” in "Notable & Quotable." 

From “Sustainability: Higher Education’s New Fundamentalism,” a report by Rachelle Peterson and Peter W. Wood of the National Association of Scholars, March 25:

“Sustainability” is new. But the new what? The new “venture capital buzzword,” says one observer. The “new green,” says another. The new American Dream. The new Industrial Revolution. The new space race. The new frontier. In the realm of economics, sustainability is by turns the new currency, the new equity, the new profitability, the new economic bottom line, the new imperative in business, the new path to doing business, the new mantra for success, the new leadership framework, the new “lean,” the new quality standard, the new driver of growth and profit. It is the new normal, the new black, the new “reality,” the “new vanilla ice cream in the world of work,” the new safety. And for the awestruck, it is the new “grand narrative replacing modernism,” the new elegance, the new lens, and the new “politics of co-existence in the eco-sphere on which we all depend.”

Image: Mark Lennihan, AP

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