Widener Law Professor Wins, Still Loses

Glenn Ricketts

As Ashley Thorne reported earlier this week, Widener University law professor Lawrence Connell can't seem to get a break. Although he was vindicated of the frivolous charges of racial and sexual harassment lodged against him at the behest of law school dean Linda Ammons, he's still in the soup. At Ammons's recommendation, Widener's president imposed a humiliating, year-long suspension without pay, alleging that Connell had "retaliated" against the students who initiated the charges.

Minding the Campus has also been following the Connell case, and today features this essay by Charlotte Allen, who examines the sharp, almost surreal, divide between the Old Law School outlook of Professor Connell and the New Law School culture of Dean Ammons, steeped in Critical Legal Studies. Reading it will give you some sense of why Connell can't get out of trouble.

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