Join NAS in Washington, D.C. on April 17 for the Launch of Our Newest Report


The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science:
Causes, Consequences, and the Road to Reform


A reproducibility crisis afflicts a wide range of scientific and social-scientific disciplines, from epidemiology to social psychology. Improper use of statistics, arbitrary research techniques, lack of accountability, political groupthink, and a scientific culture biased toward producing positive results together have produced a critical state of affairs. Many supposedly scientific results cannot be reproduced in subsequent investigations. 

The Irreproducibility Crisis, a new report by the National Association of Scholars, examines the different aspects of the reproducibility crisis of modern science. Our goal is to bring the reproducibility crisis to the forefront of public awareness and to call on policymakers to take effective steps to address it. We also include a series of policy recommendations, scientific and political, for alleviating the reproducibility crisis.

Public release of The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science: Causes, Consequences, and the Road to Reform, the newest report from the National Association of Scholars (NAS). Refreshments will be available.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
2:00 pm ­- 3:00 pm

Rayburn House Office Building
Room 2318
45 Independence Ave SW
Washington, DC 20515

Representative Lamar Smith (R – TX) – Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
David Randall – co-author of the report, NAS director of research
Christopher Welser – co-author of the report, NAS research associate



Image Credit: Architect of the Capitol

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