NAS Helps Students Argue Against the Sustainability Movement


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Press Release

September 3, 2009
Contact: Peter Wood, President
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PRINCETON, NJ—The National Association of Scholars today published “Sustainability is a Waste,” which provides ten reasons for college students to oppose the sustainability movement on campus.

Among the ten reasons are that “sustainability shrinks freedom,” “sustainability tries to program you,” and “sustainability is wasteful.”

NAS published this list after a year of research into the campus sustainability movement and what it means for American higher education. When asked about the results of the research so far, NAS President Peter Wood explained, “Sustainability is a term we hear all the time today. It sounds like a good thing—a call to take care of the environment—but the sustainability movement is really much more about advancing unpopular political ideas under a green umbrella.”

Dr. Wood said, “Sustainability advocates have succeeded at imposing their ideology on colleges and universities without debate and with no real examination of its merits. The NAS would like to change that. This catalog of the sustainability movement’s abuses in the academy is a good place to start.”

“Sustainability is a Waste” can be found at the National Association of Scholars website at


The National Association of Scholars is America’s foremost higher education reform group.  Located in Princeton, NJ, it has forty-seven state affiliates and more than four thousand professors, graduate students, administrators, and trustees as members.

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