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Lincoln Redux: Race and American History with Lucas Morel

David Randall

In this episode, David Randall and political scientist Lucas Morel discuss Morel's response to the lead essay of the New York Times' 1619 Project, as well as strategies for countering the  "1619 Project" view of history within American education.

Episode #45: Seth Forman on the Middle Class

Peter Wood

Seth Forman, the managing editor of NAS’s journal Academic Questions, joins Peter W. Wood to discuss the relationship between higher education and the middle class.

Episode #44: After Action Report on SFFA v. Harvard with Dennis Saffran

Peter Wood

Just a few weeks ago, federal district judge Allison Burroughs issued a decision in Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) v. Harvard, ruling that Harvard was not guilty of racial discrimination and affirming the value of diversity in college admissions. Today's guest, Dennis Saffran, wrote our amicus brief last year supporting SFFA. Listen in as we discuss what the judge's ruling means for the future of racial preferences.

Episode #43: Lincoln on the Golf Course

Peter Wood

In this episode, Peter Wood is joined by NAS Board of Directors member Tom Klingenstein to discuss Abraham Lincoln, multiculturalism, the liberal arts, and "the golf shot heard round the academic world."

The Vote to Abolish Racial Discrimination in Washington State

Peter Wood

In this special episode, Peter Wood is joined by Linda Yang of Washington Asians for Equality, the leading organization in the fight against Referendum 88.