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Episode #41: Amy Wax and Academic Courage

Peter Wood

When academic freedom isn't enough courage becomes necessary. In this episode, Peter W. Wood is joined by Penn Law Professor Amy Wax.

Episode #40: Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution with Myron Magnet

Peter Wood

Clarence Thomas joined the Supreme Court in 1991, he found many on the Court were interpreting a different Constitution than the one the Framers wrote. In this edition of Curriculum Vitae, Peter is joined by Myron Magnet to discuss the life and thought of Justice Thomas. 

Episode #39: Burdens of Freedom with Larry Mead

Peter Wood

What’s the chief threat to American leadership today? Larry Mead, Professor of Politics and Public Policy at New York University, argues that it is the decline of individualism.

Curriculum Vitae Season 2: Beach Books

Peter Wood

We are back to our podcast, Curriculum Vitae, now returning from summer break! We’re not quite ready to leave summer, though, because in this episode, Peter Wood and David Randall sit down to discuss “beach books,” the books colleges assign students to read over the summer.

Episode #37: Pushing Back on Polarization with David Blankenhorn

Peter Wood

David is the founder and president of the Institute for American Values, and the president and co-founder of Better Angels, a nonprofit that brings together Americans of all political leanings to understand one another and get beyond stereotypes. In this episode, we talk about what polarization is, when it is bad, and how to promote tolerance.