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Episode #37: Pushing Back on Polarization with David Blankenhorn

Peter Wood

David is the founder and president of the Institute for American Values, and the president and co-founder of Better Angels, a nonprofit that brings together Americans of all political leanings to understand one another and get beyond stereotypes. In this episode, we talk about what polarization is, when it is bad, and how to promote tolerance.

Episode #36: Silenced Stages with George LaNoue

Peter Wood

Professor George LaNoue describes his career teaching First Amendment law and the importance of student debate to intellectual growth. However, colleges increasingly seek to avoid controversy, and students often have no tolerance for engaging the other side of any argument.

Last Month, Today

Peter Wood

It may be summer, but there’s much ado in higher education. Three members of the NAS staff join me on this episode to discuss Oberlin, the Department of Education's investigation of foreign gifts, and the Democratic candidate's education policies.

Episode #34: Words on the Move with John McWhorter

Peter Wood

Professor John McWhorter is a linguist at Columbia University and host of the podcast, Lexicon Valley. Listen in as he discusses the exciting world of words. After which, we dive into the "Church of Social-Justice" and a broader discussion on race in America today.

Episode #33: A Once Great University with Martin Burke

Peter Wood

The City University of New York has a reputation for providing high-quality education to the poor, working class, and immigrants of New York City. CUNY Professor Martin Burke joins me to discuss CUNY's history and future.