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Episode #34: Words on the Move with John McWhorter

Peter Wood

Professor John McWhorter is a linguist at Columbia University and host of the podcast, Lexicon Valley. Listen in as he discusses the exciting world of words. After which, we dive into the "Church of Social-Justice" and a broader discussion on race in America today.

Episode #33: A Once Great University with Martin Burke

Peter Wood

The City University of New York has a reputation for providing high-quality education to the poor, working class, and immigrants of New York City. CUNY Professor Martin Burke joins me to discuss CUNY's history and future.

Episode #32: Fixing College Costs with Richard Vedder

Peter Wood

Rich Vedder discusses the economics behind the skyrocketing cost of higher education.

Episode #31: Last Month, Today

Peter Wood

The NAS staff run through the news stories of the last month. Listen in as we discuss adversity scores, the college admissions scandal, and a Washington State law the reinstates racial preferences in hiring and admissions.

Episode #30: The Death of Common Sense with Philip Howard

Peter Wood

Regulations often have unintended consequences such as hurting the very people they are written to protect. I speak with Philip Howard about common sense regulatory reforms that save money and make bureaucracies work.

Episode #29: Faculty Unions with Daniel DiSalvo

Peter Wood

A conversation on the place of unions on campus, from faculty to grad students, and the recent case of St. Cloud University Professor Kathleen Uradnik. Our expert guest is an assistant professor at CUNY and a senior fellow at MI.