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Liberal Education

Liberal Education and Its Postmodern Critics

Stephen R.C. Hicks

In the final entry of our “Incapacity” feature, Stephen Hicks argues that supporters of liberal education must wrest control of our schools back from postmodernists who, in their rejection of reason and objectivity, harken back to premodern, authoritarian forms of education.

Toward an American Liberal Education

John Agresto

In the Summer 2017 Academic Questions (vol. 30, no. 2), John Agresto argues the usefulness and value of a liberal education in twenty-first century America.

Humanists in High Dudgeon: The CFR-ALSCW Standoff

John Agresto

It's time to remember that the liberal arts "are not simply of personal benefit or esoteric private enjoyment but are and have always been of inestimable value to society."

An Education Lived

David Steiner

This article, a vivid autobiography chronicling Steiner's early years and road to Oxford, was published in the "Liberal Education and the Family" issue of Academic Questions (vol. 22, no.1).

Liberal education and liberal democracy

Michael Allen Gillespie