Academic Questions


Political Disparities in the Academy: It’s More than Self-Selection

John Paul Wright
Ryan T. Motz
Timothy S. Nixon

The political imbalance on most college faculties is often attributed to “self-selection,” the aggregation of left-leaning cognitive high-performers voluntarily choosing to pursue academic careers. But a large survey performed years ago shows large numbers of academics shifted to the left after joining the professoriate, partially in response to career incentives.

New Cogs for Old

Daniel J. Flynn

The report "A Crucible Moment," correctly diagnoses the problem of using higher education primarily as job training but mistakenly encourages us to use it primarily as political training, writes Daniel J. Flynn.

How Preferences Have Corrupted Higher Education

John M. Ellis

This is an article from the "Future of Race Preferences" issue of Academic Questions (vol. 21, no. 3).