Video: Debate on Affirmative Action


NAS president Peter Wood and Harvard law professor Randall Kennedy debate affirmative action at an event sponsored by the University Union at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Peter Wood to Debate Randall Kennedy on Affirmative Action at UMass


NAS president Peter Wood will debate Harvard Law professor and author Randall Kennedy on April 12.

The Censorship Epidemic

Chance Layton

Divesting from Free Speech

Rachelle Peterson

Rachelle Peterson explains that divestment activists have silenced debate, but done little to aid the environment.

Rachelle Peterson in Today's NYT Room for Debate


Rachelle Peterson discussed the college divestment movement in the New York Times Room for Debate.

Video Coverage of Common Core Debate at St. Francis College


St. Francis College recently hosted a debate on the Common Core between NAS President Peter Wood and Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Sol Stern. Video coverage of the full event is available for viewing.

Seasoned Debate: Should Education Have a Leftist Bias?

George Leef

Donald Lazere responds to George Leef's review of Why Education Should Have a Leftist Bias.

Gail Heriot and Affirmative Action


NAS board member Gail Heriot debated the motion, "Affirmative Action on Campus Does More Harm than Good" on Intelligence Squared.

An Appeal to NAS

Donald Lazere

Dr. Donald Lazere offers an appeal to NAS.

ASA and the Politicization of Academe

Peter Wood

NAS president Peter Wood explains why NAS won't boycott the boycotters: academia is meant to argue and persuade, not merely to get the upper hand by any means necessary.

NAS Opposes American Studies Association Boycott of Israel

Peter Wood

Members of the American Studies Association are voting on an academic boycott of Israel, which would violate academic freedom. 

Orwellian Brooklyn College Seminar Calls Conservatives Reactionary

Mitchell Langbert

Brooklyn College continues to suppress conservatives in word and deed.

U Florida Students Practice Civil Debate

Ashley Thorne

There's a set of electronic panels in Florida that is supposed to foster civility among students whose opinions differ.

Manhattan Institute/Pope Center Debate Yesterday

George Leef

Resolved: Too Many People Go to College.

Are In-House Law School Clinics Useful? No

Charles E. Rounds

Law Professor Charles E. Rounds, Jr. argues that maintaining in-house clinics is impractical and cuts into time that would be better devoted to additional study of the basics.

Are In-House Law School Clinics Useful? Yes

David French

Attorney David French argues that although these clinics aren't perfect, they nevertheless provide helpful experience for law school students.

Debate: Will a Push to Increase College Enrollment Lead to Lower Standards?

Ashley Thorne and Peter Wood debated Education Sector's Kevin Carey on Minnesota Public Radio's online forum Insight Now.

Reeves' Laws

Thomas C. Reeves

Thought-provoking sayings from a renowned historian and former NAS board member.

Academic Questions Authors in New York Times Peer Review Debate

Ashley Thorne

Stanley Trimble, Bill McKelvey, and Mohamed Gad-el-Hak draw on their findings in a recent AQ essay to contribute to a "Room for Debate" discussion on the publication of controversial research.

Wesleyan's Affirmative Action Reaction

Ashley Thorne

Faculty and students at Wesleyan University lashed out in anger against a campus group for its demonstration on the injustice of racial preferences.

Good People Can Differ

Jason Fertig

Presenting both sides of controversies begins with recognizing that an opponent is not a “bad person."

Climate Change: MIT Point Counter-Point

Glenn Ricketts

MIT climatologists (and friends) Richard Lindzen and Kerry Emanuel emphatically disagree on global warming.

Intellectual Takeout: Would You Like an Education with Your Degree?

Ashley Thorne

NAS welcomes the emergence of Intellectual Takeout, a one-stop-shop of resources for all those interested in learning about freedom.

Debating Diversity at Smith College...No Comment

Glenn Ricketts

Two contrasting student views of the "main topic" at Smith College.

Not for Crybabies

Ashley Thorne

Do universities study conservative political thought?

The College Backgrounds of America's Talking Heads

Tom Wood

Have the liberal arts influenced our nation's leading political analysts?

Debates on Campus

Ashley Thorne

Part of NAS's mission is to "sustain the tradition of civil debate in America

Lazere v. Gelernter

Peter Wood

On the Sometimes Difficult Task of Setting the Record Straight or Getting Heard Above the Din Especially if Your Points Are Prolix

Requiescat In Pace

Peter Wood

Remembrance of William F. Buckley, Jr.