Social Justice and the Academy

William H. Young

William Young discusses the growth of "social justice" curricula in the American academy.

Censorship and Other Troubles at Counselors for Social Justice

Robert C. Hunsaker

Robert Hunsaker finds that social justice counseling means that a certain political orientation is required.

Peter Wood on Radio on Ward Case

Ashley Thorne

Peter Wood will discuss a counseling student who was expelled from Eastern Michigan University because the administration was intolerant of her Christian beliefs.

The Right to Dissent: Reply to KC Johnson

Peter Wood

NAS president Peter Wood responds to KC Johnson's assertion that NAS's defense of counseling student Jennifer Keeton contradicted NAS's commitment to equal treatment.

Keeton Defense Contradicts NAS Principles

KC Johnson

NAS member KC Johnson dissents from NAS's stance on the decision in Keeton v. Anderson-Wiley.

The Scandal Goes On

Ashley Thorne

Students continue to be punished for their beliefs in schools of social work and counseling.

Domestic Faction in a Republic, Part III

George Seaver

In the United States today - education, media, law, family policy, and national security - deconstruction clashes with classical liberalism.

What's Cooking

Peter Wood

Yale, Virgina Tech, East Georgia, Eastern Michigan, Latin American Historians, 21st Century Cluelessness, and've got it all.

Eastern Michigan U Expels Student for Her Beliefs

Ashley Thorne

Video: Julea Ward tells her story

Social Work Ed: Still Scandalous, But State Licensing Boards Not Scandalized

Glenn Ricketts

State licencing boards failed to respond to the imminent concerns NAS has raised about social work school accreditation.

Social Work Education's Good Intentions

Michael Sherr

Remarks from a conservative professor of social work advance the debate: is social work education scandalously biased? We invite further comments.

Recommendations for NASW

A letter to the key social work organization calls upon its new president to make changes to protect students.

Social Work Update: Grammatically Challenged Social Work Boards Bewildered by English Language

Glenn Ricketts

Can Social Workers Be Competent? And Other Conundrums Arising from Charles Murray's Call for Replacing College Degrees with Competency Exams

Peter Wood

Charles Murray asserts that the degree should be replaced by the CPA-like certification. NAS executive director Peter Wood comments on Murray's suggestion and indicates possible flaws in the scheme.

Business-as-Usual Bureaucrats Picnic with "I-Despise-America" Ideologues

Peter Wood

How state social work boards responded to "The Scandal of Social Work Education." So far.

Coercing the Conscience: New Examples of the Reign of Intolerance in Schools of Social Work

Glenn Ricketts

We're seeing more of the scandal of social work iceberg. Two students' case have come to light, showing once again how social work programs disregard students' personal convictions.


Ashley Thorne

A blogger aims to subvert NASW and social work ideologues.

Update on Bill Felkner: Rhode Island College Bias-Revelers Evacuate

Ashley Thorne

Bill Felkner was a graduate social work student at Rhode Island College who never received his diploma – not for flunking out or committing any criminal or inappropriate act, but for holding views contrary to those of RIC’s School of Social Work. NAS has written about Felkner in the report The Scandal of Social Work Education, as well as in an article detailing his story: “The ‘I Revel-in-my-Biases’ School of Social Work – And What It Does to a Student Who Declines to Join the Revelry.”

Student Newspapers Invited to Delve into Social Work Story

NAS has opened communication with student newspapers at the universities studied in the report The Scandal of Social Work Education. NAS urges student journalists to use their unique vantage point to investigate further and report the truth about the state of social work schools at their universities. Those who publish articles covering this story may contact NAS and we will set up a link to the piece.

The Social Work Story Develops

Key National Group Will Not Discuss NAS Social Work Report

Student Investigates Social Work at Syracuse

Caroline Mojonnier, a student at Syracuse University, was moved by the NAS report to pursue some investigative journalism. She attended a session of SWK 326, "Persons in Social Contexts," a course in Syracuse University's School of Social Work, and spoke to the instructor afterwards. Her account in the student paper, The Daily Orange, - along with desipient comments by umbrage-taking classmates - can be read here.

Collateral Damage in Social Work

The release of NAS’s report, The Scandal of Social Work Education, has prompted follow-up reporting in the press and some reflection by a former student.

The Scandal of Social Work Education

Barry Latzer

A study of politicization in social work education.

Social Work’s Sins Against Conscience

Steve Balch

University social work programs rarely attract outside attention. They subsist deep down in the bowels of their host institutions, generating a decent cash flow but little in the way of intellectual excitement. They do, however, have one dubious distinction. Like no other academic program, they are politicized throughout their warp and woof. Sociology, anthropology, even education could, if fully liberated from tendentiousness, still survive as fields. It’s questionable whether this is true of social work. Launched in the spirit of progressivism, its doxology has by now absorbed almost every mental reflex of the left.