The Fraser Barron Memorial Scholarship in Renaissance & Western History


The National Association of Scholars is now welcoming applications for the 2020 Fraser Barron Memorial Scholarship in Renaissance & Western History.

NAS Board Member Publishes New Book on Intra-European Revolutionary History

John David

In his latest book The French Revolutionary Tradition in Russian and Soviet Politics, Political Thought, and Culture, NAS Board member Jay Bergman examines the influence of French revolutionary history on the October Revolution of 1917.

Why I Set Up the Oregon Branch of the National Association of Scholars

Bruce Gilley

Well-educated people seek well-educated responses to lunacy.

Toolkit and Conference Call on “Free to Speak”

Rachelle Peterson

Join the NAS this Friday, May 3rd as we discuss free speech protections for the Higher Education Act. 

A Tribute to Paul Hollander

Steve Balch

From an early age, Paul knew that ideas had consequences and that the worst of these could be terrible indeed. 

Racial Preferences at Harvard


NAS Board Member Professor Gail Heriot introduces a panel on Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard.

Why Non-Scientists Need To Study the Philosophy of Science

Edward R. Dougherty

NAS Member Edward R. Dougherty writes on what all students should know about scientific epistemology.

A Legacy Gifted


The National Association of Scholars honors Professor Samuel Bluefarb, a long-time and stalwart supporter of the NAS.

Professor Amy Wax in the News


NAS Board Member Amy Wax's 2017 op-ed is still making waves in 2018.

Induction in Science

Ulrich Ulrich Gerlach

NAS Member Ulrich Gerlach continues the conversation on modern science’s epistemological crisis.

Why Scientists Need to Study the Philosophy of Science

Edward R. Dougherty

NAS Member Edward R. Dougherty writes on the epistemological crisis confronting modern science.

In Memoriam: Adam Scrupski (1928-2017)

Steve Balch

Steve Balch remembers founding NAS member Adam Scrupski.

Crime in America

David Randall

NAS board member Barry Latzer discusses his new book The Rise and Fall of Violent Crime in America.

Better Beach Books?

Peter Wood

NAS welcomes readers’ suggestions of titles for college common reading. 

In Memory of Philip J. Clements

Ashley Thorne

A remembrance of an NAS board member, wise leader, and good friend.

Remembering Amy Kass


A memory of long-time NAS member Amy Kass, who lived fully as ‘human being and citizen.’

Watch for NAS Articles in Claremont Review of Books


NAS president Peter Wood and board member Thomas D. Klingenstein are published in the forthcoming summer issue of the Claremont Review of Books.

AP History and Us

Peter Wood

An update on the College Board's re-revised standards for AP U.S. History. 

NAS Members Honored for Contributions to Science


David Legates and Will Happer, two lifetime NAS members, were honored at the Heartland Institute's international conference on climate change. 

NAS Board Member Writes On Liberal Bias In Academia

Madison Iszler

Jay Bergman, an NAS board member and professor at CCSU in Connecticut, writes about the need for intellectual diversity on college campuses. 

New NAS Membership Cards


Lifetime members of the National Association of Scholars will receive official NAS wallet cards.

NAS Member Robert Paquette Receives Award for His Defense of Academic Freedom


National Association of Scholars member Robert L. Paquette received the Jeane Jordan Kirkpatrick Prize for Academic Freedom.

Full Online Access to Academic Questions

Ashley Thorne

NAS members can read Academic Questions online by creating a user account at the website of the journal's publisher.

Jobs at NAS


NAS seeks to hire two research fellows and two office interns. Contact us to learn more and apply.

Catholic Scholars Take Stand Opposing the Common Core


A group of 132 Catholic professors have urged bishops in the United States to reject the Common Core K-12 State Standards for Catholic schools in their dioceses.

Sandra Stotsky Talks Common Core on Al Jazeera

Ashley Thorne

NAS board member Sandra Stotsky, who served on the National Validation Committee for the Common Core, discusses the State Standards on Al Jazeera.

AQ Editor Felicia Sanzari Chernesky Publishes Children's Book

Ashley Thorne

Felicia Sanzari Chernesky has published Pick a Circle, Gather Squares: A Fall Harvest of Shapes.

Moving? Take Us with You


Address changing? Let us know.

Are You Getting AQ on Time?


Let us know if you have had any trouble receiving your copies of Academic Questions.

New Poetry by NAS Member

NAS member David J. Rothman's two new volumes of poetry "move from darkness towards light."

Texas Legislature Hears Arguments on "Comprehensive Survey" Bill

Ashley Thorne

The Texas House of Representatives' Higher Education Committee heard arguments for and against a bill that would clarify a preexisting bill requiring the study of U.S. history in college.

Jacques Barzun Remembered

Steve Balch

NAS founder Steve Balch remembers legendary scholar of Western civilization Jacques Barzun, who died at age 104.

Advocate of Western Civilization Finds a Home for His Ideas at Texas Tech's Honors College

Peter Monaghan

Stephen H. Balch, a longtime leader at the National Association of Scholars, has found a university where he can apply what he believes.

Stotsky and Bauerlein on Common Core ELA Standards

Crystal Plum

Two scholars from the Pioneer Institute review the make-up and effectiveness of English, Language Arts Core Standards.

Hillsdale Program in DC Seeks Teachers


NAS member Paul Moreno is recruiting teachers for a Hillsdale College program in Washington, DC. 

NAS's Sandra Stotsky at Teacher Education Panel

Ashley Thorne

“We no longer can count on strong high school preparation, which is what other countries rely on for those they admit to a teacher preparation program,” Stotsky said.

Unfashionable Ideas

Peter Wood

Peter Wood reviews the National Association of Scholars’ changing approach to reforming higher education.

Common Ground

R. H. Winnick

What’s an Obama Democrat doing on the board of the NAS?

Norman Fruman and Academe's Greatest Generation

Steve Balch

We've lost another stalwart.  Norman Fruman, former Minnesota affiliate head and an NAS director since 1996, has died at the age of 88.  Steve Balch misses this member of the greatest generation.

Ed Rauchut Remembered

Steve Balch

NAS remembers Ed Rauchut: memorable teacher, productive scholar, academic entrepreneur, devoted father, and absolutely genuine man.

Final Edit: Irving Louis Horowitz, 1929-2012

Peter Wood

Peter Wood remembers Irving Louis Horowitz, founding publisher of Academic Questions and intellectual warrior.

A Final Article in Academic Questions by Irving Louis Horowitz

Ashley Thorne

In the current, spring 2012 issue of Academic Questions is one last article by Dr. Horowitz, "The Wealth of Nations and the Poverty of Analysts."

Irving Louis Horowitz: A Force of Nature

Steve Balch

Irving Louis Horowitz, who for decades was publisher, advisor, and contributor to Academic Questions died on March 21st. NAS chairman Steve Balch remembers him.  

A Tribute to James Q. Wilson

Steve Balch

The NAS mourns the passing of James Q. Wilson, its friend, long-time advisor, and monumental figure in American social science.

Are College Presidents Paid Too Much? NAS's Herb London Weighs In

Ashley Thorne

Herb opines that some presidents may deserve the high salaries they receive, but often their income can hurt morale at a university if faculty members perceive it as unfairly extravagant. 

We're Overdoing It on Faculty Research

George Leef

So argues English professor Mark Bauerlein in a new study published by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity. In today’s Pope Center Clarion Call, I comment on the study.

Bauerlein finds that more colleges and universities have jumped on the research bandwagon over the last several decades and also that the volume of published research that is necessary for tenure has been rising. All that outpouring of scholarly work, however, is of little benefit (at least in the field of literary criticism, which is the subject of Bauerlein’s investigation; I suspect we would find the same thing in many other disciplines) since books and articles are so rarely read or even cited. The costs, however, are substantial — the explicit cost of paying professors about a third of their salary to do that work, and the implicit cost of diverting time and effort away from other educational efforts that would be of more use to students.

Academe's House Divided

Daniel B. Klein

Daniel B. Klein reviews The Still Divided Academy, the final work of NAS and AQ editorial advisory board member Stanley Rothman, which was completed after his death by April Kelly-Woessner and Matthew Woessner. This review appears in the fall 2011 issue of Academic Questions, volume 24, number 3.

NAS Board Member Weighs in on Michigan Civil Rights Case

Gail Heriot

NAS board member Gail Heriot tries to make sense out of the recent federal appeals court decision overturning Michigan's voter-approved ban on racial quotas, but finds the court's legal reasoning baffling.

Abigail Thernstrom on Room for Debate

Ashley Thorne

NAS member Abigail Thernstrom weighs in on the question, "Is anti-white bias a problem?"

Reeves' Laws

Thomas C. Reeves

Thought-provoking sayings from a renowned historian and former NAS board member.

Video: Robert Weissberg on Limits to Learning

Robert Weissberg talks about the factors, such as cognitive inability and American schools' emphasis on edutainment, that limit students' capacity to learn.

Argus Update

Ashley Thorne

NAS members and volunteers help keep an eye on what's happening at colleges and universities across the country.

Mark Bauerlein on the Prolonged Adolescence of the Rising Generation

Mark Bauerlein talks about the anti-intellectualism of new media on this week's Inside Academia.

Stan Rothman: A Tribute

Steve Balch

Remembering a great social scientist, defender of reason, and friend.

Congratulations, King Banaian!

Ashley Thorne

Cross-posted from  Congratulations to King Banaian, who was elected in a close race to the Minnesota House of Representatives. On Election Day he was ten votes ahead of his opponent Carol Lewis, and after a recount on November 29, Lewis conceded the race to Banaian.

Dr. Banaian is professor and chairman of the Economics Department of St. Cloud State University. He is a former board member of the Minnesota Association of Scholars and he blogs at SCSU Scholars (and the NAS Blog!). This week NAS is indebted to his expertise as an economist, which he drew upon to answer an "Ask a Scholar" question about interest rates on government debt.
We wish him success as he begins this new chapter of his career, serving the people of District 15B in St. Cloud Minnesota.

After Recount, Minnesota House Victory for NAS Member King Banaian

Economist and former Minnesota Association of Scholars board member is elected in a close race in St. Cloud.

A Letter to Arizonans on Prop. 107

Stuart Hurlbert

Next week Arizona citizens have the historic opportunity to reject racial preferences in state institutions, including public universities.

The Life and Thought of Andrei Sakharov

Jamie Glazov

FrontPage Magazine interviews NAS board member and history professor Jay Bergman on his new book, Meeting the Demands of Reason.

Tuition Talks and a Voice of Reason at the SC Higher Education Summit

Christina Jeffrey

NAS board member Christina Jeffrey spoke on behalf of the NAS at the Summit. Here's her report on parents' and colleges' frustrations, the state governor's composure, and a bureaucrat's defensiveness.

Tea Parties and Political Parties: Some Questions

Christina Jeffrey

Christina Jeffrey argues that neither of the main political parties foster the serious study of the Constitution and the American Founding, and that the “Tea Party” movement offers a constructive alternative.

Dubious Standards Coming to American High Schools

Ashley Thorne

Sandra Stotsky has some doubts about the plans of two well-funded advocacy organizations to develop new high school exams and exam-based preparation.

Video: Eugene Genovese Honors NAS


NAS has "defended beleaguered professors and students who otherwise would not have had a chance," says Genovese.

"Climategate": A Different Perspective

Kerry Emanuel

An MIT professor of meteorology urges "Climategate" commentators to make a distinction between climate science and politicization.

NAS Member Publications

Ashley Thorne

A sampling of some NAS members' work this year.

Bob Lerner, In Memoriam

Steve Balch

NAS remembers Bob Lerner, one of our first members and a brilliant statistician.

NAS Members: Published Anything Lately?

Ashley Thorne

Cross posted from NAS members, have you published books or articles in the last year? Let us know. We'd love to highlight your work in our weekly email newsletter. We want to bring it to the attention of your NAS friends and colleagues. If you have a book or article in the works, let us know when it comes out. Note, we are interested in specialized scholarly and scientific publications as well as writing aimed at more general audiences. Novels and poems count too - and if you have a blog we will also mention that. Contact NAS by emailing or calling 609-683-7878. To receive our email newsletter, click here.

Have You Published a Book or Article Recently?

Ashley Thorne

We'd love to bring your work to the attention of your NAS friends and colleagues. Let us know if you've published any recent books, articles, or poems.

Fanfare on NAS Homepage

Ashley Thorne now greets readers with a festive fanfare; these are the opening bars of Gateways, the title piece of the 2001 album by composer Daniel Asia.

NAS Board Member Candace de Russy Receives Educator of the Year Award

Ashley Thorne

NAS is pleased to announce that Dr. de Russy has been honored with the Educator of the Year Award by the Queens Village Republican Club.

National Security Threatened by Devotion to Diversity

Ashley Thorne

We know the diversity doctrine harms the quality of higher education, but did you know that it threatens our national security?

Teeth-Bared Teachers' Ed

Peter Wood

The University of Minnesota looks to make race, class, and gender politics the “overarching framework” for teacher education.

Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones (1922-2009)

Ashley Thorne

The National Association of Scholars mourns the passing of Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones (1922-2009), who served as a member of our Board of Advisors along with his wife Mary Lefkowitz.

A Call to Persevere

Don Racheter

As we face more and more threats to free speech and academic freedom from the emboldened left fringe, it is vital that we maintain organizations like the National Association of Scholars, our state affiliates, FIRE, and ACTA to be there for us when we need help.  Paying dues in these difficult economic times may be something we consider cutting out, but it would prove to be a false economy if we were to personally face a crisis in our professional placement.

New Book by NAS Board Member

Ken Doyle

Today we introduce a new feature on our website in which NAS members write about books they have authored. Our first such article is by NAS board member Ken Doyle.

New Book on the Soviet Bomb-Maker Who Became a Moral Anchor

Ashley Thorne

Jay Bergman, president of the NAS Connecticut affiliate and professor of history at Central Connecticut State University, has published a new book, Meeting the Demands of Reason: The Life and Thought of Andrei Sakharov. The 411-page, 22 ounce book about the nuclear physicist who helped create the Soviet hydrogen bomb but then became the “moral anchor of a dissident movement” represents the culmination of eleven years of careful research and writing. Click here to read reviews of this "superb intellectual history." Click here to purchase Meeting the Demands of Reason.

On the Passing of Irving Kristol: A Memory and Tribute

Steve Balch

NAS chairman Steve Balch pays tribute to Irving Kristol, 1920-2009.

Remembering Leszek Kolakowski, 1927-2009

Paul Hollander

Paul Hollander, NAS advisory board member and distinguished scholar of Marxism, reflects upon the intellectual career and contributions of Leszek Kolakowski, who passed away on July 17th.

Congratulations to NEH Enduring Questions Grant Winner

Ashley Thorne

Bruce Gans, pioneer of the Great Books movement at community colleges, receives national recognition for his pilot course on the question "What is freedom?"

Letter to VT from Virginia Association of Scholars

Carey Stronach

A letter from NAS's Virginia affiliate to Virginia Tech President Charles Steger urging the university "to abandon its requirement that, in order to prosper, faculty must demonstrate attachment to the doctrine of diversity."

Join or Die

Peter Wood

You don't have to fight the academic Left

Monster Mail

Peter Wood

Some of our more unusual letters from readers.

Postmodern Immunity

George Seaver

Deconstruction's toll on liberal education and the American university

Friday Frogs Legs

Ashley Thorne

DiversityInc ratings, Residence life video, Affirmative action in California, Students "feel empty" and look to Great Books, Peter Wood in Inside Higher Ed, Is the internet stupefying students?, Letter to Obama: lose "achievement" and "rigor," Best surfing colleges

Tuesday Tangerine

Ashley Thorne

Going green, leapfrogging, and triggering

Great Books in the News

Ashley Thorne

An interview with Bruce Gans

Bruce Cole: A Tribute

Steve Balch

Chairman Cole will depart the National Endowment for the Humanities with a record of striking sucess in rekindling the appreciation for this country's founding and heritage.

Never Bored

Peter Wood

Always Watching: The Argus Project

A call for volunteers

NAS Board Member Releases New Book on Intra-European Revolutionary History (Draft, wrong slug)

John David

In his latest book The French Revolutionary Tradition in Russian and Soviet Politics, Political Thought, and Culture, NAS Board member Jay Bergman examines the influence of French revolutionary history on the October Revolution of 1917.