25 Years of "A Word A Day"

David Randall

A website with a love of words marks its 25 year.

Sugar White Snow and Evergreens: New Children's Book by AQ Editor


Just in time for the holiday season, Felicia Chernesky, the managing editor of Academic Questions, has released the children's book Sugar White Snow and Evergreens: A Winter Wonderland of Color.

Brevity and Eloquence—Lessons From Calvin

Peter Wood

Calvin Coolidge offers lessons in how to make words count.

Articulating a Social Justice Agenda

Daniel Oliver

Arthur Brooks tries to add a new layer of varnish to efforts to define social justice. 

Academic Justice and Intellectual Thuggery

Peter Wood

Academic freedom once meant protection from politics; now it means protection for politics.

The Unexamined Life of Academic Kindness

Marilee Turscak

A new Tumblr blog called Academic Kindness seeks to highlight instances of generosity, goodwill, and compassion in academia.

Indignation: Abusing the Language of Dignity

Peter Wood

The latest buzzword of the academic left is the nebulous term, "dignity."

Test Your Knowledge: Words I Learned This Semester

Ashley Thorne

Expand your vocabulary with these linguistic terms. 

Test Your Knowledge: Words about Animals

Ashley Thorne

If animals could talk, would they call themselves by such strange names?

Test Your Knowledge: The Stars Are Brightly Shining

Ashley Thorne

What's out there? Test your stellar knowledge with this astronomy-themed quiz.

Test Your Knowledge: Edenic Words

Ashley Thorne

Try your hand at this vocabulary quiz inspired by Genesis 3.

Test Your Knowledge: A Cornucopia of Words

Ashley Thorne

Impress friends and family around the table with these Thanksgiving-related words.