Why I'm Leaving the Political Science Association

Bruce Gilley

Professor Bruce Gilley discusses the lack of intellectual diversity in the American Political Science Association. 

Modern Versus Western Thought: The Unconscious and Determinism

William H. Young

William Young discusses the separation of academic social science and philosophy from the guiding ideas of the American Founding.

Editor of First Things Pens Op-ed for the New York Times


R. R. Reno, the editor of First Things magazine, writes on how both parties have grown estranged from the white middle class. 

Rallying Against Israel at Brooklyn College

Abigail Martin

Academic integrity disappears at Brooklyn College

One Professor's Course on Conservative Thought

George Leef

Professor George Ehrhardt writes about his political science course.

An Extraordinary Course at NC State

George Leef

Highly biased political science course at NC State

Far Worse Than Mere Dumbing-Down

George Leef

Robert Weissberg questions APSA's assertion that all knowledge is race based.

Look Who's Endorsing a Race-Based View of Knowledge

Robert Weissberg

A new document from the American Political Science Association views race and epistemology as inseparable.

Call For Civic Learning

Glenn Ricketts

Mr. Ricketts advocates the study of civics, but his idea of such a course differs from how the a recent DoED report interprets the subject.

Students Tell It Like It Is

Glenn Ricketts

One of the things I really enjoy in preparing Collegiate Press Roundup each week is finding students who are willing to say things that many faculty - and certainly administrators - wouldn't dare. 

Understanding the Constitution - No Comment

Glenn Ricketts

A college student's view of how to improve public understanding of the Electoral College

Ask a Scholar: Is There a Connection Between Foreign Aid and Civil Rights?

William C. Widenor

Is American humanitarianism related to a felt need to project an image of the US as compassionate, in contrast to its history of racial discrimination?

Ask a Scholar: Third Party Possibilities

Hubert P. van Tuyll

What are the dangers of a third caucus arising in American politics?

Ask a Scholar: Who Pays for America's Health Care?

King Banaian

How much of health care in the United States is funded by the government?

Suicide Bombers and Academic Freedom

Ashley Thorne

Brooklyn College appointed an adjunct professor to teach "Politics of the Middle East," then fired him because of his politics.

An Engaging Course in Political Economy

George Leef

In today's Pope Center piece, Kurt Rothhoff of Seton Hall writes about an engaging course he has developed -- a lunchtime discussion class covering issues where economics and liberty overlap. 

Ask a Scholar: Class Warfare

Walter Block

Where can I find information that explains the true facts about the class warfare in the United States?

Faculty Productivity

George Leef

In today's Pope Center piece, Duke Cheston writes about his findings regarding the UNC political science department. Have tenured faculty engaged in some successful "rent seeking" to reduce the amount of teaching time they have to put in?

New Excellent Program: Master's Degree in Liberty Studies

Ashley Thorne

Check out our catalog of excellent programs as we add the master's degree in liberty studies at U Illinois-Springfield.

George Lakoff's New Happiness: Politics after Rationality

John B. Parrott

This article by John B. Parrott on the ideas and contemporary influence of Berkeley professor George Lakoff appeared in the "Academic Revisionism" issue of Academic Questions (vol. 22, no. 4).

We Need Your Help!

Peter Wood

Who are the key authors and what are the key books in the liberal, conservative, libertarian and radical traditions? Post your answer here or send an email to nasonweb@nas.org.