The New Civics Pushes Progressive Advocacy Through Service Learning

David Randall

David Randall examines a few case studies of New Civics programs in Indiana.

Red Star Over Campus - 4/26/2017 in Washington D.C.


Join us in Washington DC for the launch of NAS’s latest report, Outsourced to China, on China’s soft power influence through Confucius Institutes. 

The New Age of Orthodoxy Overtakes the Campus

Peter Wood

The greatest threat to academic freedom today is the campus "social justice" machine, writes Peter Wood in his review of Joanna Williams' Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity.

Stanford Divests—and Entangles Itself

Peter Wood

Divestment isn't about stocks; it's about souls.

The World Citizen on Campus

Peter Wood

The campus Left has found a new way of fostering a soft disdain for the American civic tradition: teaching students to be “citizens of the world.”

An Update on the Mess at Bowdoin

KC Johnson

Dr. KC Johnson follows up on the Bowdoin Global Citizenship conference.

Teaching Collegians to Be World Citizens

Peter Wood

Being a citizen of the world seems to have magnetic appeal to college students, and American colleges and universities are tapping into this longing.

Too Many College Students? Yes, Unfortunately

Peter Wood

Peter Wood debates Macalester College president Brian Rosenberg on whether the U.S. should pursue the goal of further increases in college enrollments.

Call For Civic Learning

Glenn Ricketts

Mr. Ricketts advocates the study of civics, but his idea of such a course differs from how the a recent DoED report interprets the subject.

Citizens of the World

Peter Wood

Global citizenship isn’t burdened with taxes, military service, jury duty, and the like. And it sounds so cosmopolitan. But what, asks Peter Wood, does it really entail?

Collisions on the Windshield of Globocracy: The UN's Academic Impact

Ashley Thorne

A United Nations initiative aims to unite colleges and universities in the pursuit of ambiguous ideals such as "global citizenship."

Mizzou Multicultural Fail!

Ashley Thorne

In its eagerness to welcome students - that is, global citizens - to campus last week, the University of Missouri misspelled "Welcome" in Farsi and Arabic on a sign bordered by various national flags that included the word in English, Spanish, Malay, Hungarian. Whoops! That's awkward. Oh yeah, we're in Missouri, not the Dubai airport. After student center staff learned that some words had been misspelled, they blacked out the erroneous ones on the signs. Perhaps next time these citizen-of-the-world wannabes try to be cosmopolitan, they'll double check their Arabic dictionary first. H/T Chronicle Tweed [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="461" caption="Nick Agro/Senior Staff Photographer, The Maneater"][/caption]

Ben Wildavsky's Book on the Globalization of Higher Ed

George Leef

 That's the subject of my Clarion Call today. I like some aspects of the book. Best of all is Wildavsky's argument that we should abandon educational mercantilism -- the notion that nations have to compete to be tops in educational "investment," university prestige, and similar distractions. Because knowledge is not constrained by national boundaries, we should stop worrying about musty old "us versus them" ideas. Also, Wildavsky doesn't go for the tendency to bash for-profit higher ed, showing that it fills some important niches. What I didn't care for so much was the author's enthusiasm for the trend toward globalized universities, with lots of American universities setting up campuses in places such as Abu Dhabi. I see that as mostly glitz and conspicuous consumption rather than true educational advance.

College Students Aspire to Be Citizens of the World

Ashley Thorne

Over at, we occasionally re-post one or two pieces from the same month a year ago in order not to lose sight of some of NAS's best articles and the ones that have received the most attention. Today we re-post an article NAS president Peter Wood wrote after visiting Macalester College and noticing its Institute for Global Citizenship. What is "global citizenship" anyway? According to a Macalester student, it's "universal universalism." Huh?

Penn State Seeks "A Rapid Shift in Mindset" Toward Sustainability

Ashley Thorne

Should sustainability be a "defining feature" of higher education? I examine the sustaina-zeal at Penn State U in a recent article. It sounds as if sustainabullies are ready to invade every aspect of the university. Some takeaways:

  • Sustainability at PSU goes hand-in-hand with "global citizenship," which is antithetical to national citizenship and national patriotism.

  • PSU's Institute for Teaching Excellence sponsored a national Educating for Sustainability conference in order to "Promote sustainability in all sectors of higher education, but particularly the scholarly/academic arena."

  • The director of sustainability defines sustainability as "A pursuit that weaves economic, environmental, and social impact metrics in the assessment of decisions" and "A value system to weave into the fabric of our university."

  • A presentation at the conference urges that sustainability be factored in to promotion, tenure, accreditation, and “professional identity as an academic.” Sound familiar?

  • Much of one presenter's slideshow matched exactly a presentation given by Kathleen Kerr, the architect of the disgraced University of Delaware residence life program, known for coercion, intrusiveness, and attempts to indoctrinate freshmen living in the dorms.

  • Quote from presentation: “Be more methodical and systematic in all your efforts to create a shift of the norms here in curricula, policies and culture, and nationally (e.g. institutionalize it into annual reviews). [...] “A rapid shift in mindset is needed and education to action is the key.”

  • Quote from presentation: “Sustainability is everyone’s job. Doing nothing is not benign – it is a destructive decision for society.”

  • Michael Mann, implicated in the "hide the decline" emails, is a professor at Penn State U. After "Climategate" the university announced an investigation into his work. But will Penn State, so nurtured in sustainability, give him a fair investigation?

Vapor Trail: The UN's Plan for Higher Education

Peter Wood

The United Nations asks presidents of all colleges and universities in the world to sign its "Academic Impact" initiative.

What's Critical about Critical Globalization Studies?

Peter Wood

This year a UC Santa Barbara professor sent an email to his class, comparing Israeli actions to those of the Nazis. But where did this professor's academic field, "critical globalization studies" actually come from, and should it exist in the university in the first place?

Macalester Preps for World Domination

Peter Wood

Strongbad mentioned as possible leader, grateful global citizens break out in spontaneous Harambee celebration, American higher education at its finest.

Is American Cultural Influence Declining?

Herbert London

Cowboy hats in Japan? It seems America is still a trend-setter.

Sailing Past Byzantium

Peter Wood

Peter Wood channels his inner William Butler Yeats