Curriculum Vitae: Podcast #2


Peter W. Wood sits down with NAS Director of Research David Randall to discuss the College Board. 

On the Outside Looking In

Marc S. Anderson

Marc S. Anderson writes about the political skew in an AP U.S. History teacher-training seminar.

College Board Rewrites Advanced Placement U.S. History Standards and History Itself

Peter Wood

NAS President Peter Wood reviews what has gone wrong with the APUSH standards.

Re-re-re-revising American History

Peter Wood

NAS president Peter Wood evaluates APUSH 2.0 and considers the possibility of greater improvements. 

APUSH Teachers Speak

Ashley Thorne

High school AP U.S. history teachers are coming forward to share their dissatisfaction with the current version of the College Board’s APUSH framework.

Peter Wood appears on NPR's To the Point


Dr. Wood discusses the revised APUSH standards with a panel on To the Point, hosted by Warren Olney.

The New History Guidelines are Better

KC Johnson

KC Johnson gives four reasons the revised APUSH standards are an improvement. 

AP History and Us

Peter Wood

An update on the College Board's re-revised standards for AP U.S. History. 

Peter Wood Discusses APUSH with Lars Larson


A radio interview with Lars Larson.

2015 APUSH Misses the Reasons America Is Exceptional

Larry Schweikart

In this preliminary response to the new version of AP U.S. history released July 30 by the College Board, historian Larry Schweikart critiques the wording of a number of sections. 

Bye, Bye, American History

Glenn Ricketts

Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger weighs in on the new APUSH course.

APUSH: The New, New, New History

Peter Wood

The new APUSH reforms has its roots in a longstanding attempt to claim American history for leftist political purposes.

Open Letter: Historians on the College Board's New AP U.S. History Standards

Scholars Concerned About Advanced Placement History

A group of historians write that the new AP U.S. History framework neglects the civic purpose of history education.

APUSH Resources: Documents, Commentaries, and Critiques

Glenn Ricketts

A compendium of relevant documents and critiques of the new AP US History standards

APUSH Update: Lynne Cheney’s Return

Peter Wood

Lynne Cheney, leader of the 1990s opposition to politicized US history, comes out strongly against the new AP US History. 

Knowledge of American History Rapidly Becoming History

Glenn Ricketts

What do most students know about US history? Very little. What to do about it? Good question.

APUSH, Not Common Core, Threatens Concept of American Exceptionalism

Kevin T. Brady

Kevin T. Brady finds the APUSH standards a far greater problem than Common Core.

APUSH Post-Civil War Coverage: History Lite

John C. Chalberg

John C. Chalberg finds the APUSH standards for the Post-Civil War era deceptively simple.

Push-Back on APUSH

Robert L. Paquette

Robert L. Paquette describes his encounter with AP history at the high school level.

APUSH: Tempest in a Teapot?

Jonathan Bean

Jonathan Bean isn't terribly upset about the new APUSH course.

APUSH and the American Founding: Concepts Supplant History

Joseph F. Kett

University of Virginia historian Joseph Kett finds the APUSH course unteachable.

APUSH and Speaking in Educational Code

KC Johnson

Brooklyn College historian KC Johnson finds the new AP history standards heavy on skills, light on content.